Kokako Farms “Awen” Chardonnay

This is Hawke's Bay "grower wine" at its best! Kokako Farms specialize in growing Chardonnay and Syrah in the Ohiti Gravels sub-region of Hawke's Bay (on the left bank of the famous Ngaruroro river). While they sell a great deal of their beautiful grapes to other well-known producers in the region, they hold back some of their best fruit to make small, boutique bottlings under their own name. The Awen Chardonnay is the crème de la crème, their premium Chardonnay, and this title is well-deserved. Bold and expressive, beautifully complex, nutty and with a distinctive but well-integrated toasty element. It's an unashamedly oak-influenced Chardy, but with a fabulously bright citrusy seam running through, which makes it a delight to drink.

While Kokako Farms is arguably one of the fine wine producers of Hawke’s Bay, they are still slightly under the radar, and their wines are incredibly well-priced. Of course, this makes their wines all the more exciting for us to share with you. If you know us at all, you’ll know that Chardonnay is a particular passion. And the Awen Chardonnay is in our opinion, pretty darn stunning. Seriously, do yourself a favour and grab some for yourself. 

The Kokako Farms vineyards are located in the Ohiti Gravels, which interestingly share similairites with the famed Gimblett Gravels growing sub-region. Makes sense, as the Ohiti Gravels is just over on the other side (the left bank) of the Ngaruruoro River, which has for many centuries shifted its course due to flooding, earthquakes (and more recently, stopbanking). This shifting of the river is a very important part of the wine growing conversation in Hawke’s Bay because as the river has shifted over time, it has continued to leave gravelly riverbed deposits. These stony, free-draining pieces of land are now where we find many of the premium vineyards of Hawke’s Bay. The Ohiti Gravels not only have this fabulously free-draining, stony nature, but are also a special micro-climate, just right for grapes like Chardonnay and Syrah to achieve optimal ripeness and also hold on to that ever-important fresh acidity. 

The name “Awen” comes from the name of the Druidic spirit of creativity. An honour given to a gorgeous wine, which perhaps may inspire some creativity in you after a few sumptuous sips. Creamy, nutty, toasty, ripe citrus aromas lull you in like a siren’s call. Soon you find yourself luxuriating in the glass, surrounded by flavours that are just as expressive as the nose–ripe white peach, golden apple strudel, toasted nuts–but at the same time a clean, bracing mineral brightness keeps things lifted and energized. Suddenly the glass is empty and you’re ready for another! 






About This Wine

Hawke’s Bay
Alluvial Plains
Alluvial gravels
Biological agriculture/sustainable
Roast chicken with all the gravy drippings and Sunday fixin's, gnocchi with a creamy mushroom sauce, richly flavoured cheeses like Gouda and Comte or seared pork loin with an apple cider jus