Wine Offerings and Collections

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Whether you’re heading away for a little peace and quiet or getting together to celebrate, our Seasonal Collections feature exceptionally good wines for any occasion.

Bach-worthy wines

Let us take the take the pain away of stocking the Bach with wines for any eventuality. From the neighbours dropping in for the all night “pre dinner” drink to the great BBQ wines this is the collection for you. Just throw the box in the car and unload at your destination. We would suggest taking a couple of each bottle chosen as each bottle doesn’t seem to go as far at the Bach.

Wines for Special Moments

Need something special for the birthday, anniversary, birth of a child? Whatever the occasion let us select some special bottles for that will make it all that more memorable

The Ultimate Dinner Party

Hosting an incredible dinner party designed to impress? Well don’t let yourself down by choosing average wines. Impress with your selection designed to fit the number of people, the time of year and of course the menu!

Current Club Selections

Every month the 495 Wine Select club members receive a selection of wines directly to their door. If you want to trust a Master of Wine to select your wines and take away the hassle of going to the shop then this is the collection for you. If you are not quite sure about signing up then just order this selection when you are ready.

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Upcoming Events You Won’t Want to Miss

Mark your calendars, sharpen your senses, and prepare for an unforgettable rendezvous with the world of wine. Whether you’re a curious beginner or a passionate wine buff, our events offer something fun, interesting and delicious for everyone. From winemaker dinners to easy-going wine walkarounds to master classes and everything in-between.  

Don’t miss your chance to be part of these bespoke experiences.