McManis Family Vineyards Petite Sirah

Just to clarify, there is nothing “petite” about this powerful and pronounced inky wine. Broodingly ripe, dark fruit meets chocolate, caramel and spice…are you drooling yet? There’s no connection to Syrah here; Petite Sirah is a very different variety. It’s also a relatively rare variety. Only about 4,000 hectares of the grape are planted around the world, most of which are in California, so it’s not often that wines like this make it all the way to New Zealand. But we’re surely glad this one did.

Lodi California’s legacy of fine wine grape growing goes back to before Prohibition–that ill-fated blip in American wine history. The McManis family is a family of passionate grape growers at it’s core, with their fourth generation being the one that finally decided to take the reins and craft their own wines with the fruits (literal) of their labour, rather than continue to sell their grapes to other wineries. This is a familiar story in many other parts of the world, where farmers decide to take their passion to the next level and see their efforts through to end, from root and vine to cork and bottle. (And your glass!) Now in their 5th generation, the McManis family produces wines only from their own estate-grown grapes, which are sustainably farmed and vinified in small lots.  

Petite Sirah, along with other big, bold, juicy wines like Zinfandel, are what the region of Lodi is most famous for, and for good reason. The warm, arid climate is perfect for producing reds with a backbone and ripe character.istics. The 2020 vintage sees a generous pinch of 20% Tannat in the blend (another intense little black grape with inky colour and lots of tannin). This wine isn’t labled as a blend, because in California, in order to label your wine as a varietal wine, you only need to use 75% of that specified variety. Dark, ripe, round, rich and with a toasty hug of oak, the result of this “blend, but not” is pretty moreish and definietely classic Lodi. Give it a go. 






About This Wine

Petite Sirah
California "Green" Certified, Sustainable
Screw Cap
Blue cheese, anything char-grilled, or warm, dark chocolate molten cake